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Company Profile

PetroUltra Oils is the brand name of Automotive, industrial, lubes and greases marketed by Double S T Lubricant Corporation (DSTLC) which is based in Sharjah U.A.E. founded in 1985.

PetroUltra Oils products are blended and packed into various sizes containers using sophisticated packing equipments in a fully Automatic Blending Plant designed by reputed Designer in Germany. PetroUltra Oils Products are subjected to stringent quality control in the ISO 9002 Laboratory which is fully equipped to carry out all tests of lubricants.

PetroUltra Oils has become a vigorous competitor to other well know international brands. PetroUltra Oils gas given the local industries an alternative in choice of lubricants. PetroUltra Oils Lubricants are in great demand and are marketed worldwide. PetroUltra Oils Lubricants are blended using high refined virgin paraffinc base stocks with high viscosity index, solvent refined, de-waxed and hydrofinished. The additives used are selected from Major Manufacturers. These additives are manufactured to perform and meet the requirements of original Engine Manufactures and surpass International Standards stipulated by American Petroleum Institute.

Today, PetroUltra Oils manage this worldwide business from Sharjah, UAE, taking all his technical knowledge, his passion and his philosophy forward into the future.