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  • Petro Ultra Oils
  • Petro Ultra Oils
  • Petro Ultra Oils
  • Petro Ultra Oils
  • Petro Ultra Oils

For Cars

An engine you ignite with explosive results.

For Motorcycles

Impressive. In every movement

For Truck and Bus

Lower emissions without forfeiting emotion.

For Construction

Economises on fuel. But not on performance.

For Industrial

Innovation with technology.

PetroUltra Oils

PetroUltra Oils is the brand name of Automotive, industrial, lubes and greases marketed by Double S T Lubricant Corporation (DSTLC) which is based in Sharjah U.A.E. founded in 1985.

PetroUltra Oils products are blended and packed into various sizes containers using sophisticated packing equipments in a fully Automatic Blending Plant designed by reputed Designer in Germany. PetroUltra Oils Products are subjected to stringent quality control in the ISO 9002 Laboratory which is fully equipped to carry out all tests of lubricants.